Meet Our Staff

A church of Christ in Petaluma welcomes the newest
addition to our staff, George Robertson. George will not only
be leading our Pulpit and Teaching Ministries, but we know that his
leadership, educational background, and experience will
greatly influence and bless many aspects of
our congregational life together.

George has been serving as the
Preaching minister at Rincon Valley Church
of Christ in Santa Rosa, for the past five years.
He is currently finishing a Masters in Ministerial
Leadership from Amridge University in
Alabama. He also has a Bachelor of Arts in
Biblical Studies from the Bear Valley Bible
Institute in Denver, Colorado, and a Bachelor of
Science in Management Communication from
Amridge University. He has spent several years
in the ministry working with churches in California and Colorado. George and his wife Rhonda are
both native Californians. They are the proud parents of six very active children. Rhonda is
currently pursuing a degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. They enjoy
volunteering and serving the community as a family.

Ray McClendon has been with the Church in Petaluma since February
of 2001. He stepped out of the pulpit 2 and a half years ago to launch our full
time Outreach Ministry. This has led to his serving the City of Petaluma and its
First Responder Community as a Public Safety Chaplain. We have also become
a part of City Ministries, committed to serving the wider community of
Petaluma standing with the greater Christian Community. In his
“spare time” Ray enjoys Facetime with his grandchildren and writing
Theological Poetry. Check out his website , “Reflections
of A Poet Theologian” at